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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) module is one of the many modules of the Smart ERP and mainly manages the activities of Supply Chain with complete material handling. Supply Chain Management system generates different types of reports and analysis for the user and the management for proper monitoring and handling of work orders and business insights.

Financials Management

Financials Management (FM) module is one of the many modules of the Smart ERP Application and mainly manages the complete financial activities like a chart of account (a complete list of all G/L accounts), details of banks, cheque management including checkbook listing and necessary details according to the business partners.

Sales Management

Sales Management (SM) module is one of the many modules of the Smart ERP and mainly manages the Sales activities related data and information like Sales Inquiries, Sales Quotations, Sales Orders, Sales Contracts, Invoicing, Receipting and related Reports etc.

Human Resources Management System

Human Resource & Payroll Management System (HRMS) module is one of the many modules of the Smart ERP Application and mainly manages the Human Resources related data and information like Recruitment (Job Post Requisitions & Posts, Job Candidates Data Collection & Screening & Shortlisting, Candidates Evaluation & Testing, and Interviews & Selection), Employee Profiling, Time Sheet (Working Hours, Worksheet, Work Shifts, Leaves, and Holidays) and related Reports etc.

Transportation & Logistic Management

Transportation & Logistics Management (TLM) module is one of the many modules of the Smart ERP and mainly manages the internal and external Transportation activities related to data and information like Transport Requisition and Allocation Process, Log Book Management, Vehicle Maintenance overall and related Reports, etc.


The reporting (RPT) module provides the facility to the user to analyze the graphical reporting with detailed view at modular dashboards with respect to assigning rights. Admin can assign the proper rights on graphical reporting to each managerial and departmental user. This level of reporting is mainly based on tabular data/information and being used in routine communication.

Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management Software is designed to streamline your processes and increase profits.

  • Min/Max Stock Levels
  • Multiple Stores
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Stock Movement / Transfer between Locations
  • Location-wise Stock Report
  • Inventory Rejected/Dead Stock
  • Negative Stock Restriction
  • Barcode Tracking
  • Auto Stock Adjustment
  • Physical Stock Reconciliation

Sales & Purchase

Manage sales and purchase orders, create invoices, and E-way bills from a single order management system.

  • Order Confirmation
  • Purchase Order
  • Supplier / Vendor Management
  • Trending Items Report
  • Items Category Management
  • Inward/GRN Register
  • Sales Order
  • GST Invoices
  • Credit/Debit Note

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