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POS BTS is designed to fit your store’s purchasing process. Keep several purchase orders open at one time. Add items to those purchase orders daily or weekly. Use the purchase order work space to view all sales for a given period and see what is ordered, what was sold, and what was returned for each item all on one screen.

Running a bookstore can be made easier with our solution, book lovers will thank you.


Different users have different access level to the system.For example, a sales person can only access  the sales module but not other features which may be confidential. The main administrator will have access to the full system where he can modify, view sales report, etc.

This module takes care of your books database, add, delete and update books list, and search by Author, editor, supplier, publisher etc. The system will  also generate inventory report.

This module takes care of your suppliers. You can add, update and search for suppliers. You can order or request books using this module.

The POS System supports Multiple Branches; at the end of each day, the daily sales report are exported to the Main or Head Branch or Office.You can control Purchase Requisition, Purchase, Sale, Sale Return, Different modes of Payment etc

To manage transfer books between branches and transfer return also.

Book store inventory management software can be a powerful tool in your overall inventory management system. From providing real time inventory data to tracking shrinkage and seasonal purchasing trends,  book store inventory management software is a critical piece of your book store business operations.

Benefits of Books Management System

Increased customer satisfaction—inventory management allows you to stock in-demand titles and helps you ensure you never run out of books customers want.

Improved store organization—inventory experts and inventory data can help you identify ideal product placement and organization.

Increased profits and minimized losses—book store inventory programs help you track the ebb and flow of your inventory, identify shrinkage risks and ensure your carrying costs remain low.

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